What would you do, if someone came to where you live and told you that they were there to save you from yourself. That everything that you’d worked for, that everything you’d done to make your home beautiful, was not bad…it was good…BUT we’ve got something better than what you’ve made for yourself.

How would you feel?

Glad that someone came to save you from yourself? Embarrassed that what you thought was great was nothing in others eyes? Angry that someone pushed into your life and insulted everything you’d ever worked for?

Unfortunately, that is the way that some folks have encountered the church. They meet someone who tells them that they are lacking or that their life does not measure up to the ideals of God who supposedly wants a relationship with them—but not the way they are.


It’s so sad to me that some people encounter God thinking they are less than or unworthy of God’s love. I mean…sure… compared to a perfect divine being…yeah we might feel a bit intimidated. But when the message people first offer about God fuels that fear and intimidation I sometimes wonder what set of scriptures they’re reading. When I read the Bible—consisting of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and New Testament—I see throughout it a love story. A love story where God works on an individual level to connect folks into families and communities and a people united by and expanding a common love.

That’s why in A Movable Feast we do things a bit different. We’re a ministry of equals to equals. We are rooted in the belief that all are created in the image of God and that divisions between human beings are not what God wants for the world. That’s why we break down divisions by eating together from the “same table.” We eat with rich, poor, and somewhere in the middle alike because we believe all people have inherent dignity and are loved by God.

If we only served the poor or the rich or the middle class, we’d be missing out on the other people God loves. And so we give gratuitously out of the abundance God has given to each of us.